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List view record 1: The accidentList view anchor tag for record 1: The accident
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The accident

Stacey, L. H.2024
Large Print
Every time Kate Duggan looks in a mirror she's reminded of the night her life changed forever. Kate managed to walk away from the car accident that ruined the lives of her siblings, but questions still remain about what really happened on that dark stretch of road. Since then Kate's life has been...
List view record 2: The art of belongingList view anchor tag for record 2: The art of belonging
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The art of belonging

Ray, Eleanor (Novelist)2024
Large Print
Grace's life is perfectly fine, thank you very much. A widow of seventy-two, she lives quietly, and although hearing a little more from her daughter and granddaughter would be nice, she has her health, her friends, her octogenarian yoga (however reluctantly attended) and most of all her weekly cl...
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List view record 3: The Austrian brideList view anchor tag for record 3: The Austrian bride
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The Austrian bride

Parusel, Helen2024
Large Print
Austria, 1938. After years of hardship, Ella is full of hope for a better future for Austrians, and when Hitler marches into Linz, she can't help but become swept up in the euphoria of her boyfriend, Max. But she soon realises her mistake. When she witnesses a woman being shot in the street and a...
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List view record 4: Baby, one more timeList view anchor tag for record 4: Baby, one more time
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Baby, one more time

Isley, Camilla2024
Large Print
Driven and smart, Marissa Mayer has worked her way to COO at a major Fintech startup as well as launching her own successful app on the side. Now what she wants more than anything is a baby. And having given up on love after her heart was broken by the boy next door, she's prepared to do it alone...
List view record 5: The beaver theoryList view anchor tag for record 5: The beaver theory
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The beaver theory

Tuomainen, Antti2024
Large Print
Henri Koskinen, intrepid insurance mathematician and adventure-park entrepreneur, firmly believes in the power of common sense and order. That is until he moves in with painter Laura Helanto and her daughter. As Henri realises he has inadvertently become part of a group of local dads, a competing...
List view record 6: Berry Grove Bed and BreakfastList view anchor tag for record 6: Berry Grove Bed and Breakfast
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Berry Grove Bed and Breakfast

Hope, Sarah2024
Large Print
When Kim Reynolds learns how unhappy her daughter is, she realises the perfect remedy is a completely fresh start. Giving up the corporate job she's worked towards for her entire life, Kim is determined to make Berry Grove Bed & Breakfast a success, but more importantly, she's determined to suppo...
List view record 7: The bone huntersList view anchor tag for record 7: The bone hunters
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The bone hunters

Burn, Joanne2024
Large Print
In 1824, Lyme Regis is as tumultuous as the sea that surrounds it. Wealthy holidaymakers dance in the Assembly Rooms whilst the poor riot over the price of bread, scientists do battle with theologists, and amidst it all, one woman is about to make an extraordinary discovery.When twenty-four-year-...
List view record 8: The bookbinder's guide to loveList view anchor tag for record 8: The bookbinder's guide to love
List view record 9: Chasing a Highland dreamList view anchor tag for record 9: Chasing a Highland dream
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Chasing a Highland dream

Hobman, Lisa J.2024
Large Print
Since having to drop out of her design degree, Bella Douglas has been unlucky in just about everything life has thrown at her. She's lost more jobs than she cares to remember and to top it off she's still single, despite her Granny Isla's best attempts to set her up with every eligible bachelor i...
List view record 10: CheatedList view anchor tag for record 10: Cheated
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Kray, Roberta2024
Large Print
Sheltered and naìˆve Carmen Darby has lived under the thumb of her father Rex, a brutal criminal businessman, her whole life. But when Rex announces his retirement and plans to leave his vast wealth to his three daughters, Carmen doesn't thank her father as effusively as he'd like, enraging him. ...
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