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List view record 1: Emperor of ruinList view anchor tag for record 1: Emperor of ruin
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Emperor of ruin

Wexler, Django2023
The last surviving Chosen, Ashok, has finally risen up and taken control of The Twilight Order. He promises equality and prosperity, but Gyre and Maya know the truth. Only death follows in Ashok's wake. To take him down, Gyre will have to unite old allies - from all across The Splinter Kingdoms a...
List view record 2: Escape to TuscanyList view anchor tag for record 2: Escape to Tuscany
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Escape to Tuscany

Devereaux, Kat2023
Only 14, Stella Infuriati is the youngest member of her town's resistance network during WWII. She relays messages, supplies, and weapons to partisan groups in the Tuscan Hills. Her parents have no idea, consumed instead by love and fear for their beloved son, Achille, a courier and unofficial me...
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List view record 3: Forest of foesList view anchor tag for record 3: Forest of foes
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Forest of foes

Harffy, Matthew2023
AD 652. Beobrand has been ordered to lead a group of pilgrims to the holy city of Rome. Chief among them is Wilfrid, a novice of the Church with some surprisingly important connections. Taking only Cynan and some of his best men, Beobrand hopes to make the journey through Frankia quickly and retu...
List view record 4: The Rachel incidentList view anchor tag for record 4: The Rachel incident
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The Rachel incident

O'Donoghue, Caroline2023
When Rachel falls in love with her married professor, Dr Byrne, her best friend James helps her devise a plan to seduce him. But what begins as a harmless crush soon pushes their friendship to its limits. Over the course of a year they will find their lives ever more entwined with the Byrnes' and...
List view record 5: Silent watersList view anchor tag for record 5: Silent waters
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Silent waters

Matthews, L. V.2023
A novel about family, secrets and murder. Police diver Jen Harper is called to search for the body of a missing woman, Claudia. But this is no ordinary job: Jen and Claudia's families were entangled for decades, but Jen and her brother, Bill, haven't seen Claudia for twelve years - have they?
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List view record 6: The suspectList view anchor tag for record 6: The suspect
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The suspect

Robotham, Michael, 1960-2022
Joseph O'Loughlin appears to have the perfect life - beautiful wife, loving daughter, successful career as a clinical psychologist. But even the most flawless existence is only a loose thread away from unravelling. All it takes is a murdered girl, a troubled patient and the biggest lie of his life.
List view record 7: All the rageList view anchor tag for record 7: All the rage
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All the rage

Hunter, Cara2020
A teenage girl is found wandering the outskirts of Oxford, dazed and distressed. The story she tells is terrifying. Grabbed off the street, a plastic bag pulled over her face, then driven to an isolated location where she was subjected to what sounds like an assault. Yet she refuses to press char...
List view record 8: A Cornish inheritanceList view anchor tag for record 8: A Cornish inheritance
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A Cornish inheritance

Nixon, Terri, 1965-2020
1920, Bristol. Helen Fox is happily married to the love of her life: charming, former playboy Harry. With their three children, glamorous lifestyle and extravagant parties, they have the perfect life. But after a tragic motorcycle accident, nothing will ever be the same. Helen is forced to leave ...
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List view record 9: Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritanceList view anchor tag for record 9: Dreams from my father : a story of race and inheritance
List view record 10: Ghost fireList view anchor tag for record 10: Ghost fire
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Ghost fire

Smith, Wilbur A.2020
1754. Inseparable since birth and growing up in India, Theo and Connie Courtney are torn apart by the tragic death of their parents. Theo, wracked with guilt, seeks salvation in combat and conflict, joining the British in the war against the French and Indian army. Connie, believing herself aband...
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